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  • Perspectives on the News

    Perspectives on the News

    News keeps churning 24/7, and Jay Evensen, drawing on nearly 30 years of experience as a reporter and opinion writer, always has a thought-provoking take. Read his insights, filled with links to interesting stories and the occasional video. Then chime in with your own views.

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  • Educating Ourselves

    Educating Ourselves

    "Educating Ourselves" is facilitated by Mary McConnell, a high school teacher and educational consultant (she is now teaching online) and a member of the Deseret News Editorial Advisory Board.

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  • Reframing the Debate

    Reframing the Debate

    Over time, if a voice, organization or community can frame an issue, debate or public view through a particular lens, it shapes how individuals, institutions and societies think, believe and act. Here Matt Sanders hopes to reframe the debate by using data, history and sound reasoning to clarify for readers the issues of the day.

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  • A World of Good

    A World of Good

    Though it is true that our children are growing up in a very scary world, there is also so much good! Our view of the world comes from having nine children (one of every kind) and twenty one grandchildren (all brilliant).

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  • Motherhood Matters

    Motherhood Matters

    Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry and Allyson Reynolds are mothers to their collective 13 children, and during their free moments they enjoy planning motherhood retreats, teaching systems of organization, writing about their motherhood experiences and doing all they can to help moms realize how much they matter.

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  • Just 4 Mom

    Just 4 Mom

    Celebrate the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous moments of motherhood with the Just4Mom blog. From stretch marks to the latest news for moms, Erin Stewart discusses it all while her 3-year-old daughter crams Mr. Potato Head pieces in her nose.

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  • Carmen's Voice

    Carmen's Voice

    Utahn Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, a former contestant on "American Idol," is a singer and wife and mother. She writes about entertainment for the Deseret News.

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  • Reasons to Run

    Reasons to Run

    Why do people run? Some run to lose weight, others for emotional freedom. Some are competitive, but most of us are pushing ourselves to our limits for rewards that don't come with a win. These are our stories chronicled by writers who have their own reasons to run.

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  • Concert Connection

    Concert Connection

    Pat Reavy is a crime reporter by day, but stays sane by keeping up with the local music scene. He shares the latest Utah concert happenings in rock, pop, country and more.

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